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Today I woke up early again. Not as early as yesterday, but I kept getting up every minute or so, convinced that I had overslept. Then I would crawl back into bed, fall asleep for a few seconds, and jolt back awake this time really convinced that I had completely missed work. But I didn’t.

I got to work and wasn’t needed, so I got to spend a few hours at this little coffee shop. I like it because, as WW says,The remodeled space resembles a one-fifth scale model of the 3rd Avenue Stumptown, without the slightly menacing air of hipness.” This place is just right. I can breathe here. 

I’ve not posted many blogs mid-day. I have more things to do today and I don’t know what note the day will end on… But, that is part of life I suppose.

And so, onto the rest of the day.



Yesterday was so hot, it was hard to breathe. The air hit you and wrapped around you like a blanket when you stepped outside.

But the second half of the day held an event for the Crafted in Portland project that I’ve spent the summer working on. It was an awesome feeling being there and seeing it completely finished. It is insane to see so many people taking cell-phone pictures of something I worked so hard on.