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Month: September, 2009


Hey! This is my first print from Photo 1. And before I start off talking about it, I really really recommend you view it on black. So go do that real quick and come back!

This was taken at this fountain called the Ira Keller fountain, in Portland. (Somewhere around 2nd or 3rd, I’m not sure.) I snapped this off on the first role I film I shot, for ‘The City’ project we’re doing. Honestly I’m quite pleased with it, but more importantly I’m pleased that printing is still semi-natural to me. I’m not an expert, at all, but I still feel at ease in a darkroom, which is good. Considering I’m majoring in photo, haha. This was printed at f5.6 for 15 seconds, with a number 3 filter.

I’m definitely planning on going back to the fountain to shoot more film there. It’s so interesting because I don’t relate a city to this kind of picture at all. When I think city, I think dirty and grimy, and grungy, but this isn’t that. It’s just this nice breath of fresh air, surrounded by dozens of tall buildings. So, hopefully more of this will be showing up. 🙂



8:24 P.M.

Hello everyone! I took some photographs of a dried leaf tonight, and after wards I couldn’t resist getting in front of the camera. (Of Course…) I really do miss 365 sometimes. It was nice to have a finished product at the end of everyday. Even if they weren’t so good sometimes…

Anyway, as I was racing to put my legs up in time for the camera, I had to push myself up with my toes, which apparently I have never done before because it felt like my muscles were being used for the first time, ever. Haha. So now my thigh muscles are sore, I’ve got some poppy music on repeat, and I’m settling down to edit some leaf pictures. Woah, boy. Expect another post with some pictures later 🙂

Night Owl

I have been shooting film the past weekend, trying not to use my digital too much, so I don’t have anything incredibly recent. Just a shot from week before last. I threw in a blurry one, cause hey, it’s a blog. Not Flickr. No need to get all prestigious. (Also I like it, a bit.)

The City

Today is the three year anniversary of the day Luc broke up with me. I have been thinking all day that it was only the two year anniversary, but I just counted it up and it’s three years. September 8, 2006. It’s amazing how far I have come. On that day, huddled in the corner of my room, I never would have guessed that I would be in art school in three years. No matter how petty I sound, even after three years it still matters to me. I still think about him. Luc is the basis on which I have compared all my (few) relationships. And the good thing is, Steele has proven himself so much more than anything Luc could have been. So, thinking of that is how I decided what today’s blog-post picture would be.

On a completely different note: I got my first photo assignment today. It’s really more of a project really. We have about 5 weeks to shoot at least 10 rolls of film, get 6 finished prints (+contact sheets) all based on the city. This is positively terrifying. I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot a city, in a city, or even near a city. Which is why I’ve mostly focused on portraits taken in my bedroom, on my bed, against a blank wall. But now I have that chance and it’s scary. We have a lot of choice in what exactly we do, which is good, so I’m probably going to spend the next few days brainstorming like mad.

I should have been an Accountant

I just finished my first week of classes. So far everything is going pretty good. I can tell most of my classes are going to be challenging though, even if it’s just the sheer amount of work we get. I’ve drawn more this week than I have in a month at Conifer. So, without further ado, here is some of the stuff I’ve been doing…

This is from my sketchbook. To see what (and who) inspired it, go here.)

This is my first photogram. =D

This was my first assignment for design class. The assignment was to run a pen out of ink. In the top right corner is says ‘I once tried to use a scribble for a metaphor. It didn’t work, I wrote a list of facts instead.’

These two are also from design class, pieces of my signature which I have to enlarge.