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Month: May, 2011


If I had to use one word to describe driving back to Colorado from Oregon I would use flat. Though many of the landscapes which enamored us were hilly and rocky the ones that stuck with me the most were the flat ones. What is there to fill this space but air, wind, clouds, space. Things that only exist as theories. Things I can see or feel but not touch. Then there is the space inside our car. A touch from my hand to yours. We are moving but not moving. We have just jumped off of one rock, our toes pointed, and are about to land on another. This is what is in between.


Fade away

This here is my final letterpress project. I will do a lil’ explainin’.

There are six pages letterpress printed with the phrase:

“Did I just hear you
fade away”

They have a horizon line linoleum printed on them and then tracing paper printed with ink cut into shapes and pasted on. Then they are all hung on the wall and on top of them pages of tracing paper are held with pins at varying heights so that they words become blurry, can’t be seen, can be slightly read, are a bit foggy, and so forth.

35 mm III

These are from the last of the 35 mm rolls I’ve shot recently. The coloring is kind of weird because the iso was 1600 and yet I shot most of them in full sunlight…

May 16, 2011

There is a pebbly rock beneath my fingers. Water gulping and rushing around me. I can pretend I am on the edge of a waterfall, above empty space. I tell you this as you giggle and take pictures, the shutter clicking heavily in our still afternoon. Maybe we are in a sphere and the only ground that exists in the entire world is the grass under our blanket.


35 mm II

A second roll, one more to go.

35 mm

Some images from one of three rolls of film I recently got developed. Expect some from the other rolls soon. 🙂

I’m finally getting used to the idea that some photos are just for me to see and keep, and not post.

A sunny day in Portland

I took my camera and a notebook and went out to a park. This is what came of it…

All of these were shot with medium format Kodak chrome film. The text is my handwriting, scanned and imposed in Photoshop.

(For my final project in photo)