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I made this my world, and then I invited everyone else inside. 


There will be more intentional shooting soon, I promise. I’ve been busy and when I get a little down time, all I want to do is hang around with Steele. The summer is closing to an end so fast. 


Because I forgot to take a picture until I climbed into bed. Here is a grainy, dark, blurry, tender moment. 




There are some days that I am sleepy and lethargic and think eating macaroni and cheese is a good idea when it makes me even more tired and wanted to be motivated but felt utterly useless and drained and have a headache that lasts the entire night and begin sentences without ending them. Those are the days  that I am really glad I have Steele. Who hugs me and makes me dinner and watches TV with me and lets me stretch out and lay on his chest. And who worries about the tiny mouse we see dashing across our living room and who wanders from room to room looking for it. And who is standing at the computer right now waiting for me. 


Incase you guys forgot, Steele is back. Things are back to normal and now it’s time for me to get back to work and finish up the last few things on my to-do list. As long as I can move swiftly forward each day, I’ll be happy. I want to not feel any disappointment or stirrings of regret of any kind. 
So tomorrow will commence with a long over due work out, and then journeying up to school to work on some things. I will try not to make this blog a record of my to-do lists, as I already have journals full of those. Instead I will tell you about the sky today.
Today the sky was grey. It was grey in the morning when I biked to work in the merciless wind. The sun was trying to break though. It was grey when I left work in the afternoon. It was grey when Steele and I laid down in the grass of the park on Couch Street. It was the best kind of grey, the kind of grey that wraps around you like a blanket. I love that grey sky. 


Today Steele is back. 🙂
We went to a photo booth. 
Now he’s sleepy beside me (finally) in our bed again. 


To be completely honest,

I did not take any pictures on day 72.

Which was yesterday.

I waited patiently for Steele to come home.

Which was today.

Onto the next day.