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Month: November, 2009


So I took this cup home from work the other night, thinking I’d do something with it. But Steele needed it, so I let him cut it in half to mix his paints in. I think it’s beautiful 🙂 And now I have something to photograph!


The start to a kitchen full of cups

Yesterday was the opening night of OCAC’s annual student holiday sale. Basically a bunch of students and alumni selling whatever artwork they feel is desirable. Steele and I picked up this little cup, from a former thesis students body of work:

I am basically in love with it. Isn’t it just the cutest? Only $8. Such a steal. (Hah.. ha.) And the glaze makes it translucent, when it’s held against light. Mmm. I hope I have this cup when I am old. But mostly I like it because it’s the first thing Steele and I have bought together that will one day sit in our kitchen. We bought it as a family ❤ I've also purchased a kitchen item, but I'm keeping it a surprise from Steele until Christmas! (Which really isn't that far away..)


I read on someone’s Flickr profile that shooting SOOC has made them a better photographer. After the past few weeks, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been shooting in manual mode lately which has just turned out to be so so nice. I used to just shoot in auto and as long as it was in focus I’d call it good and edit the lighting and colors later. Now I actually take the time to pay attention to the shadows and highlights. While the photo’s I’ve left SOOC might not be the best ones on my photostream, they’re pretty damn good for being left unedited. Here are a few recent ones:


So I know this is a horrible amount of photos to put all in one post, but oh well. Today I got out of photo early. So I came home at about 1:30ish, and the light in the living room was perfect. (So perfect that I just accidentally typed ‘The lightroom’) So I decided to do another stop motion. So I did, and after I was done I just could not stop taking photos. Steele appeared in some of them. (There are more with him on Flickr.) Enjoy! And by the way, these are all SOOC.