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Month: October, 2009

Dawn of the Golden Eternity

This is my first stop motion. I realize it’s only 22 seconds long. (I couldn’t even make it to 30…) But I had an elaborate plan, I did, it just started getting dark REALLY fast (which you can see..) So I left it at that. But I do plan on doing more with this, hopefully building up to some bigger pieces..


Weekend Air

Mmmm, it’s officially fall. The air is all crisp and chilly. The leaves are all soggy though, because of how often it rains, haha. But, I still managed to pick this one up and do a little work with my cup. I am going to try to do more things with it, I still have 16 pictures to go on my 25 Possibilities.

The product of the past 6 weeks of work:

I am still getting everything finished up for my critique on Tuesday (spot-toning, mounting, etc.) But I thought I might as well post my finished prints since I’m done with them! 🙂

Stuff II

This may look grainy and too dark, but you had no idea what I had to work with. Basically, I am a miracle worker. (Or at least I know how to work Photoshop.) It was pretty much completely black except for the Apple logo. And now it looks like this. Genius or what?

So this is our ‘Family Room’ (As the blue prints call it… We really just have two living rooms.) It used to be completely empty but we recently moved some furniture around so now it has a couch and two chairs and a table. I also put up two of my photographs, yay! So it’s nice and cozy. Perfect for doing design homework, eating Captain Crunch, or reading Stephen King. Just some of my recent activities…

A look of utter determination

More and more digital photography is become like a release. Since we have to work primarily in film, digital is something I can do without worrying if it’s going to be good enough for art school…

Things have been going really good though. Hopefully in a few days (maybe even tomorrow) I’ll be able to post a new photo that I’ve printed 🙂 The only thing I’m not happy with right now is that a lot of what we’re doing is really basic. I’m in two foundation classes which cover basic topics. (like perspective, value, and elements of design.) I already know most of this, so even though the assignments are new.. it’s just plain boring. I’m really looking forward to next year when I can take some other electives. (Like bookmaking, yay!)