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Month: March, 2010

Astoria Greengrass

So now that I’ve convinced myself to start regularly posting boring events in my life… I’ll start with today. We (Steele, his best friend Dillon, Ali, and I) went out to the coast. It was pretty gloomy so we drove up to Astoria and ate lunch there. We ended up getting lunch completely for free because our waiter forgot to put an order in for Dillon’s burger. So that was nice. Anyway. To save this blog from complete failure I have included some pictures below:


Oi! I see land!

Lets consider this blog a “Welcome Back” party. Back from where, you ask? Well you wouldn’t really know, since I haven’t been updating this, have I? Aha. So, lets start with an update.

What exactly have I been doing since January 1, 2010?
1. Taking pictures.
2. Started a new series titled Ensnare.
3. Was featured in a Valentines day issue of the e-magazine HI-LOW:
4. Continued taking pictures.
5. School, school, school.
6. Took so many pictures that my harddrive has only 5.29 GB left on a 285 GB harddrive.
7. Started using a 4×5 camera in photography class.
8. Created a Tumblr. Deleted a Tumblr.
9. Finally finished my 25 Possibilities project.
10. And now it is the eve of the last day of Spring Break. Sad.

I know you are all so curious as to how I am possibly going to regain my status of “Meager blogger at best” Well, I have an answer for you. Crrr, my BFF, has been doing this project called “The 30 Day Project” (An exciting title, I know.) It is basically where you post a blog every day for 30 days about what these 30 day project people tell you to post.

Anyway. I am going to start on April 1. There are 30 days in April so it’s a prrrrfect fit. Then 30 days of mad blogging begin!