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Month: July, 2012



Today simplified
Today was my twenty first birthday. I could give you an itinerary of the day. (Steele brings me breakfast in bed, we go shopping, a trip to Sauvies Island, dinner, drinks) or I could tell you this:
Steele and I are on a blanket in a bowl of grass. We are surrounded by little wheat plants going up into a fading blue sky. Today is my birthday but it is not a perfect day. It is a real day, with thoughts and little struggles and kisses and sun. And a blue sky stretching wide above me. I hope, with all of my twenty-one-year-old heart, that the sky above me always is wide and blue. 
That is my most ardent wish. 



The last portrait of me as a twenty year old girl. Tomorrow is my birthday. Another marking of time. And the river today at 6 p.m. No time attached to it.


Things about this photograph:
The 405. 
Underpass sand slipping into my sandals. 
The warm wind billowing under. 
Lens flares on cement. 
Being underneath.


We went camping at Soda Lake. Every time I do something like this, go somewhere that is really beautiful, I tend to beat myself up afterwards for not taking more photos. One thing I hate about Flickr & the photography I encounter there is that it makes me feel like I have to do some fashion-esque type photo shoot. 
The truth is that I woke up this morning in a tent. When I stuck my head outside it was foggy and chilly and Steele and the boys had gone off so I was alone. I went and sat on a rock on the lakeside and I could pretty clearly picture the photographs I could take. I could wade out into the water and take a picture there. If I had, I would probably be pretty pleased with myself. But I didn’t. Because I wanted to be still. And because it was cold, and I wasn’t wearing glasses yet. That’s it. Hopefully I don’t regret too much all the images that I could have made. 
For now, here it what’s committed to my hard drive forever:




Right before bed. Exhausted. Steele & I were working kinda late and then had some friends over for lavender chocolate chip cookies. Yum. 
Lots of bike riding for me. 
And sleepiness. And last minute picture taking. 


This is Steele with the bike he just finished! He’s been fixing it up. The frame was his dads. I’ve watched him work on finishing this bike for a while now and I’m really proud of him.
It’s a beauty and it photographs well. 


This was taken on a cliff in Anacortes, WA. Here I’m standing at the top of it, but you could walk down through rocks and grass and get to the very edge, and look out at the bay. Water almost surrounding you. I really liked it up there. It felt like taking a huge inhale. 
And I love this image 🙂 It’s so dramatic, but I loved standing up there with Steele. This was taken in the morning. We had gone up here previously the night before, and it was rainy and cloudy and Steele and I stood just like this and little pinprick raindrops hit my cheek and mouth. 




From the drive up to Washington to visit our friend AJ.