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Month: February, 2011


These are from my latest color roll. The one of me with the seatbelt, Molly took.


Film Diary

These are what I call “Film diary” which is basically this: I load a roll of color film into my camera. When I am feeling overwhelmed (with good or bad feeling) angry, or like I have something inside my head I find the nearest piece of paper and writing utensil and I write a quick note, compose an image, and capture it. I proceed to forget about it. (And throw the paper away, in a tiny ball.) Not seeing the image is a way for me to try to let go of these feelings, at least for a little while. When I develop them (usually a month or so later) I remember again, with a bit more perspective. These are from the end of last semester. They’re not dated, but they are in order of when I took them.

(I don’t think I’m honest with myself anymore)

(I try to remind myself that I am wrong)