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Month: May, 2010

A trip down the hill

Today is the eighth day I have been home from school. Today was the class of 2010 graduation. It was a pretty long, fun, crazy day (at least compared to most of my days.)

I woke up at 9, got dressed in a jumper I bought at Target on sale. Drove to Crrr’s house to pick her up, then we had to park far far away and get shuttled to the school. Graduation was… odd. It was weird being there and NOT graduating. Not feeling that incredible sense of accomplishment and just…. giddiness. For me, it was just another day.

Crrr and I planned to go to a friends graduation party at four. We went back to her house. (After walking back to the car alongside the highway, enabling us to find a porn magazine which was probably tossed out of a truckers window.) We looked up directions to the party. Good to go.

Well, first we got lost when the directions Google gave us were wrong, then when we got to where we thought we were supposed to be at, I realized I Googled a “st.” instead of an “ave.” Big mistake. So we got back on 1-25 S, and I exited on Colfax on a whim, which led us to W 17th Ave. (Though at the time we didn’t notice the West part.) After a gander down that road, we called my brother to ask him to look us up directions. A phone call which led us to find out we were still 23 minutes and a highway trip away from the party. By this time it was 6 o’clock. Two hours after we were supposed to arrive. Hah. We debated on whether or not to even continue trying to get to the party.. And decided to flip a coin. Heads for social interaction, Tails for going home. Flip one: heads. But the door obviously interfered so… Flip two: heads again. So, when disappointment was felt again in the face of social interaction, we decided to go home.

But not before trying to find a specific restaurant down what I SWEAR was the right street. We gave up and got Chinese food. And then went home.

So, half a tank of gas later… I’ve come to the realization that I had a much better time trying to find the party with Crrr than actually attending the party. Seriously, I don’t think I could’ve had MORE fun getting lost. There were many giggles, a lot of turn-arounds, some backing up in the middle of the street, some last second exits, but I couldn’t have had a better day. I love my best friend.


After the Storm

Well it’s been two days since classes ended. As much as I don’t want to, I feel like I should post a blog about it. Probably very predictable. Here are some phrases you would be bound to read:

“I learned so much.”
“I really grew as an artist.”
“It was so much harder than I thought.” (This isn’t really true either, I fully expected this level of hard-ness.)
“I barely had time to sleep.”
“But I had a lot of fun.”
“I made so many friends.” (Sadly, this is untrue for me, as I am nearly incapable at making friends. But I did make a few good ones.)

So. There you have it.

Since classes have gotten out I haven’t done much. Slept. Slept. Finally got a chance to take some photos. Steele and I packed a little bit today. (More like, went through our portfolios and throwing out useless art.) Tomorrow we’re going to go to Powell’s so I can get some summer books! =)

Here’s a self-portrait I took on Saturday.

Day 30, Whatever tickles my fancy

I’ve always wanted to do one of those “What’s in your bag?” photo shoots. I’ve held out thus far because what’s in my bag isn’t too interesting or pretty, but whatever. It’s my blog. So, here goes:


My bag, a pretty nondescript messenger bag:

I always keep this small purse inside my big bag, so I can just grab it and go on the weekends or whenever I don’t need a hulking messenger bag:

And what’s inside it. A note to Carly, a shutter speed cheat sheet from my favorite photo supply store, a sharpie, my wallet, and an old grocery list:

Back to the big bag. (From left to right) My planner, where I write all my to-do lists. (One page for every glorious day.) My journal, which Crrr bought me for graduation. My journal TO Crrr, which I will give her when I get back:

My Art History syllabus and notebook, and my Modernism paper (Which I got an A- on, in case you don’t remember):

Three extra prints from the photo portfolio exchange:

All the supplies I need to do my Drawing series project (all my papers, tracing paper, photographs I’m using, white gloves so I don’t get fingerprints everywhere (the ink won’t take to places where I’ve touched,) water colors, and paintbrushes.):

Pens, pencils, a glue stick (always handy) and a spoon (I usually have one or five of these in my bag.):

Lipgloss which I haven’t used in ages, floss, Cortizone for the never ending rash on my pinky, and a panty liner:

And lastly, my keys (pretty useless since I can’t drive Steele’s car and our house is always unlocked. I pretty much have them just for show and to unlock my photo locker) and my cell phone. (Which is dead right now and probably 50% of the time) These are sometimes in my bag and sometimes in my small purse:

There you have it. I’m done with this project! Yay. Only 7 days until I am out of school. Never to be a college freshmen again.

Day 29, Hopes, plans, and dreams for the next 365 days

Before I start, let me just say one thing. I don’t like talking about the future. Especially right now, I’m at a point in my life where I need to NOT think more than a few weeks ahead. (Mentally, at least. Logically I need to plan out every single part of the next 365 days.)

So I’ll start with something easy. A plan that it is in the makin’. Steele and I get out of school on May 7. We leave Portland in May 15. We’ll drive out towards the coast, then head down the 101 to San Francisco, then keep going down and over to the Grand Canyon. Then we’ll head up to Colorado. Yay! I’m very excited for our not-very-well-planned-out trip. There’s just something so nice about driving away away away from something.

I can’t really see past the summer. Realistically, at least. When I think about next year it’s all in that sort of imagining your life type way. Like, I’ll live in a great apartment, have a sweet job, and be totally on top of all my school work. Realistically, I know none of that is really going to be completely true. (Except hopefully the school work part…) But that is what I DREAM. What I hope is that I’ll be satisfied with all my classes. This year was great, but some stuff was completely pointless to the furthering of my education. I hope next year is just filled with a lot of stuff that I’ll really use again and again and again. I know I NEED to have a job next year, (though as with every need which one doesn’t want to deal with, I have that yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach) but I hope that I’ll be able to find one that causes me at least only relative distress. This requires: A. No waitressing, B. Not having to deal with people, and C. Hours which do not take over my entire life. All of which is of course, impossible. Anyway.

I have so many ideas… stuff for photo, things I want to do. But not stuff I can put into words. I just want to improve, dammit.

Perhaps by next year we will all be wearing space suits. Or maybe but April 30, 2011, the world will have ended due to some weird sciencey thing.

I’m sorry. I’m not taking this blog very seriously. It just pains me to think about the future. I’m trying to NOT think about it. About how the hell I am going to pay rent, where I am going to live, how much all my supplies are going to cost, if I’m going to be happy, etc. That’s all the stuff I’m trying to not think about right now.

Okay this blog sucks. I will just do what I do best, make a list.

Ten things I would like to do or accomplish by April 30, 2011

1. Get a job.
2. Make a book! (This is inevitable, seeing as how I am taking book arts.)
3. Keep my (theoretically very nice) apartment clean for an entire month.
4. Maintain my 3.8 GPA. (Code for: do my damn homework.)
5. Be more social. (Make more friends, hang out with the ones I do have more often.)
6. Learn how to do my taxes.
7. Spend LESS time on the computer, and more time making the things I see on the computer.
8. Keep all my snacks in mason jars. (I don’t know why, but this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, haha.)
9. Build a fort. (Yaaaaay!)
10. I don’t know, just be okay with things.