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Month: May, 2012

Grover St.

Things I’ll miss about this place:

The sunrise into my window every morning.
The tall tall ceilings.
Flower stealing from all the neighbors.
Running across Natio to get to the bus stop.
Open shelving.
The cobblestone pathway.
The shadow the Tram makes as it passes overhead.
Traffic noises through my window at night.
The view from the living room window.
And always, the Ross Island Br. sign outside the front.



Yesterday Portland broke it’s sunny streak and began to rain. So I woke up this morning to rain and cloudy skies. Honestly, I’m quite happy. It feels like a blanket. Like some big warm thing has been placed on top of me and I can just sit in bed and watch movies and read and plan and dream. I’ve already had two cups of tea and a homemade Molly biscuit. I just want to spend the day sorting through my desk and making to do lists and feel strong about my plans. My biggest fear with this summer is getting caught in a rut. I don’t think that’s going to happen though. There is so much forward motion in my life, and forward motion feels so good.

Summer notebook

Here’s a little notebook to hold the things my head forgets.


Dates and times. Of things I’m doing.

Which includes…

An internship with Newspace Center for Photography, in SE Portland.
An internship with Danner Boots.
Making the commissioned piece that will be auctioned off at Art on the Vine.
Shooting the artwork of others.
Apartment hunting with Steele!

It’s a summer which is already twisting my stomach. In good ways, mostly, but I feel like this is the summer that I prove myself. Prove myself, to myself, mostly. It’s my last summer before graduation and in that way it’s free and happy and sunny, the last summer. But it will be completely opposite from last summer. I will have things to do. People to be with. Steele here with me. Time spent completely inside my head, and alone, will be sparse.

I am incredibly excited for everything I’m doing. I feel like I am almost to the top of a mountain.

The first day of summer

Today was the first day of summer. I woke up with Steele and we laid in bed and watched TV and stretched and ate cereal in bed. Then we got up and went on a short bike ride, and picked up my newly resoled boots, which was very nice. I’m happy to have my boots back. 
The we went to a meeting for an internship we’re both doing for Danner boots. I’m pretty excited about it. We’re working with two other people from school, and it’s gonna be really fun and a really good experience. And it’s nice to do something creative that I would never normally do, to push myself. And it’s paid. 🙂
The we rode bikes more and got coffee and sad outside and talked about out to-do lists in the sun. It was so filled with air and happy feelings. And we rode our bikes back, the sun was setting and my shirt was fluttering and it was so so nice. And when we got back we sat in the yard and drew little pictures until the air turned colder and we came inside. 
Now we’re about to get ready to go bowling with friends which will be filled with equal amounts of happiness. 
It was a good first day. 

Rainbow ring

Yesterday I went on a two mile run in my new Nike’s. There’s nothing poetic about those Nike’s. They’re bright blue. Running shoes. Meant to take impact. If you were here sitting next to me, I would turn to you and say, “This isn’t poetry.”

But wait–there is something poetic about those shoes slapping the ground. Something poetic about shoes designed to spring you back up from the ground and propel you forward with each stride. It was dusk, the moon was rising with a rainbow ring around it. The sky was fading blue, the clouds were still bright from the sunset. And the track empty. Slap. Slap. Slap. The rhythm of running. My clutched inhale. My choked exhale. I’m not really a runner, yet.

The image is of AJ, who inspired the running in the first place. It was shot with a lens Nick handmade.