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Month: August, 2009

Learn to Breathe

Steele and I drove out to the coast yesterday. We ended up at a little beach called Arcadia. It was such a nice day. We stayed for a while, tried to find a whole sand dollar, laid on our blanket, and then I set up the tripod and made Steele take a whole bunch of pictures with me. Some of which can be found below. : ]



I am feeling very inspired. This is a texture by Les Brumes that I’ve had in my textures folder for ages, and suddenly it feels vitally important that I use it as soon as I can. I don’t know why or how this feeling has come about, but it has. And so now I’m stuck searching through my old files to find something suitable, or taking a new portrait. I’ll probably end up doing the latter. I’d better break out the camera, I guess. More updates on when I actually have a completed image. (Maybe hopefully tonight!)

So a quick update, I did end up doing a picture (pretty much immediately after posting this.) I will now post the new image, though after seeing the texture in it’s full glory, I am afraid mine looks quite meager. However, perhaps you will not think so, and will appreciate it all the same. Enjoy!


So Steele and I have made it to Portland. We have actually been here for three days, but things have been busy with us going out and unpacking our room. The weather here has been so gorgeous, today it was a bit cloudy in the morning but it cleared up.

It is so weird living so close to everything we need. Normally a trip to the grocery store is about 20 minutes, one way. But here it’s about 2 minutes away. It’s insane. And convenient. But also kind of overwhelming. There’s so many choices for everything! I don’t feel very out of place yet, but I’m sure that’s going to change once I actually start school in 11 days. We start orientation on Monday which means we’ll be meeting a lot of new people. Which is bad news for me, good news for Steele. It’s frustrating that when I was finally comfortable with the setting and people at Conifer I had to leave, because I know it’ll be the same here. That I won’t be completely comfortable until I’m graduating. But, anyways, today I shot a roll of film and am getting it developed tomorrow. I will post some picture when I get it back 🙂

Sand County

My cup has traveled with my to the Great Sand Dunes. We had many an adventure, with me worrying I was going to break it. So Crrr, Corn, and I went camping at the Sand Dunes, which is about a four and a half hour drive from my house. In my car. In my very small car, packed with camping gear, haha. So far I’ve only found three pictures that I really like. This one and two others. I didn’t take as many as I would have liked, which makes me feel that I have failed myself as a photographer. Ugh. But I am fairly happy with the post processing I’ve put into the ones I do like, and so that makes up for it a bit I guess. Having so much opportunity for good pictures it really hard because I always, always, always feel like I’ve wasted it in one way or another. Which is quite a shame. Hopefully I can learn to not let it bother me so much, and be happy with the pictures I did get. Here is another one, a sort of mini collage. The exposure times don’t match up exactly, but oh well. (This is Crrr by the way. Carly to you.)

A Brittany Project

Yesterday was my last day of work. I found this on a pile of posters I was to make stands for. And for some reason, it makes me feel like a part of something. A silly sticky note that someone (I don’t even know who) wrote probably without really thinking about it. I don’t know why I do, but I adore it.

On another note, this picture is completely unedited. (Even the crop is unedited.) Not to be one of those cool “SOOC” photographers, but because when I brought it up in photoshop it already looked exactly how I wanted it to. Once again taken with my 50 mm lens. It’s definitely love.

50mm Lens

So, this picture actually has quite a story. I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a really lackluster day, since I had nothing to do. But then I found a slip on the counter from the post office, telling me I had a package. In the package.. a 50mm lens! Hooray! My mom bought it for me for my birthday. So I got dressed and grabbed my keys and my wallet and left. Without my phone, because it was dead. When I got to the post office I rolled up my window and locked the car, and right when I was closing the door I realized I had left my keys in the car. Of course. And I didn’t have my phone. Of course. I luckily had a bunch of change and went to a pay phone to call Steele and my dad, but Steele was working and my dad didn’t answer his phone. So I started to walk to my house. It’s about a 6 mile walk, but all downhill. However, about 20 minutes into my walking a really nice lady pulled over and offered me a ride. =) Thank god for nice people. And thank god I have a spare key…

So.. was it all worth it for the lens? And the picture? I think yes. It probably would have been worth it even if I had had to walk the whole way. Although the quality of the picture is really a lot better if you look at it on Flickr… And regarding the flower in the cup: They say orange is the color of change. =)

Stuff I

Alright, I’ll admit it, I am mostly starting this blog so I can one day say “I’ve been writing a blog since I was 18 years old.” Much like how I thought reading The Fountainhead would be a good idea because reading The Fountainhead at 17 just sounded like a good age at which to read a famous book.

I don’t expect this blog will get many views or followers, nor do I wish for it, but for those of you who are reading this: Hello, I’m Brittany. I want this to be a place to put my thoughts, so that I can look back at the end of a (hopefully) successful blogging life. And a place to keep my (few) friends updated on my life.

And with that, I end this post with a photo I took a few days ago.