by brittanychavez

Today I got up early. 6:15. I got out of bed and went to the window and looked at the sky and it looked like fading ink. So I pulled myself up, put my hair in a pony tail, and got on my bike to take photographs of the river and the sky.

That’s all I feel like documenting. It was a good start to the day, but the best part of my day was my Skype conversation with Steele. He just makes me light up. I miss him.

Here is some found poetry, from the drafts section of my text messages. When I’m in the middle of writing one and someone texts me back, and I stop writing and then start a new one, my phone saves the unfinished draft.

I feel I
Oh and they close
You’re never gonna guess
Tell the
Nope. They
Well we could do
Call me when the g
I wanna

My favorite is “Call me when the g” I mean, doesn’t that just sound like that start of a great rap song? Hmm? I think yes. Also, anyone out there who is a One Tree Hill fan, who is also a Harry Potter fan, needs to watch this.