by brittanychavez

There’s nothing necessarily beautiful about riding the Red line out to the airport. It’s not something you can photograph. It’s just an inner peace. You don’t have to worry about your stop coming up unexpectedly. You’re just there. Heading towards going away or towards someone you love coming back. 

Today I was heading towards someone I loved. 
And so, there’s nothing necessarily beautiful about the Red line coming back into the city. But then the space beside you is filled again. Today the space beside me was filled with Crrr. 
Recently I have come to love the phrase “growing pains” I love that it describes pain with a positive word. Growing. I love that growing is openly acknowledged to be painful sometimes. Relationships are not self-sustaining entities. This applies to friendships. Recently I have been ignoring that. I get so busy and it is so easy to neglect the things I love the very most, including people. 
But today I picked Crrr up in the airport, and there were hugs and giggles, but there was also the inner peace of being with a friend. It is the peace of knowing the person besides you knows you. Of being known. That kind of peace. 
It isn’t a thing that can be photographed. So today is a day for words.