by brittanychavez

It’s crazy how much wearing a nice skirt can brighten your day. Of course, it might just be the color of this one. I don’t normally wear such bright colors but I attended a clothing swap yesterday and scored no less than 4 awesome skirts.
Today is Steele’s last day before he leaves to go home to Colorado for a bit. We spent the morning on our bed avoiding the lava floor and it was great. Lots of smiles and laughs and kisses. I love him. 
My best friend is coming into town in a few days though and I’m looking forward to that as well as some time to myself to accomplish the last few things on my summer to-do list. Maybe paint a bit. Organize the apartment. Spend some of my hard earned money. Work on this project and the goal I have put off the most, building a website. I am thinking, slightly, a little bit, about moving this blog to wordpress because it seems like a good platform for me to start off for a website, not having much experience or whatnot. Any thoughts on that? Loyal followers? Hmm? My archive could transfer over which is a major plus for me. I’d like to not lose the last 4 years of this blog. 
Anyways! That is all for now. I seem to be in a chatty mood today.