by brittanychavez

Steele and I saw The Dark Knight Rises last night. Technically it was today and since the movie and the events in Aurora have been on my mind I want to use this photo for today. 
Here is what I wrote in my journal after returning home:
July 19, 2012

Tonight Steele and I went to see the third Batman movie. It was a midnight showing and I was afraid I would fall asleep, but I didn’t. 
I liked it for a lot of reasons by mostly because watching it was like being faced with an open human heart. 
I like movies like that. Books like that. Stories like that. 
If I lived every day looking into an open heart, 
I would be raw. 
But life would mean more I think. 
Maybe I’ll strive for that. To peel my heart open daily and stare into it. 

By the time our movie was starting, 12 people were dead in Colorado. I took this photo afterwards because I thought it was silly. So much trash. So many people, and this is what’s left behind after it’s over. This is the evidence. 
I didn’t know that I would wake up and hear about a shooting I can’t make sense of. But I did.