by brittanychavez

So if you’ve been following my Instagram (or you’ve run into me on campus recently) you know I’ve been working on this mysterious Crafted In Portland project. We crafted (hehe) large scale letter forms that spell out Crafted In Portland. Each letter represents a craft trade. The two letters I worked on were an A that represented photography, and an L that represented letterpress. The A I made into a camera.

This is it, finished! The top part is a functioning camera and the photos above were taken with it and developed and scanned in the labs at OCAC. 
It’s a pretty sweet feeling to make a camera. I have (or had, until now) 0% woodworking skills. I’ve spent the past few weeks learning how to use all the tools and turn this little sketch of an idea into a functioning thing. That is a really awesome feeling too. Anyways, I’m pretty pleased with the images. They are dark and blurry. But I made them.