by brittanychavez


So many wood photos because right now that’s my life. But everyday I fall a little bit more in love with wood. Also, this photo is a good example of how shooting Instagram/iPhone is good for me. I was standing around, procrastinating for a bit on Steele’s iPhone and decided to take a photo of the wood table beneath me and one of my arm to picstich together. But I really ended up liking the contrast of it, and decided to take some photos with my ‘serious’ camera. Having an iPhone (or dating someone with one, haha) can be distracting. But having the ability to shoot all the time with no pressure is a serious boost to my inspiration.

The Instagram version. 

The Instagram version is a photograph of Beech, and the ‘serious’ one is Myrtle. The Myrtle is the wood I was working with for the day, so I feel a little more fond towards it. ❤