by brittanychavez

I rode my bike around, to Powells, made a list of goals, a to-do list, and a shopping list. I like lists. Steele and I went grocery shopping. All very normal things, but things that I like. But we also went to a free Typhoon show, which is not normal but spectacular. They are amazing live and not live. I like shows were you can feel the music vibrating your bones. The kind of shows where you have to close your eyes and then you can pretend you are all alone and the band is playing just so you can feel your body rattle with sound. 
Typhoon gives me the goose pimples. Particularly this song. Which you have to listen to. The whole thing. 
After, later, I was feeling a little discouraged because I didn’t make too much time to take a good photo and it was getting late and we had things to do and people to see. I was being a grump but Steele took me to this patch of lavender and we pointed my bike light at it and poof. 

A weird strange one. 

The set up!