by brittanychavez

I spent most of today working on the project for Danner boots. Feelin sorta grumpy towards the end of the day because Steele made plans to go get drinks with our friends, and I’m not 21. Luckily I have an awesome group of friend who went out to a bar I could go to and get some food. I got lemonade and coffee, too, I felt cute.

We got home and rolled into bed and I realized I hadn’t taken a picture. There were some half-hearted attempts at sheet pictures before Steele said I should post this one I took of Eddie with instagram. He’s right. I really like this picture. It’s too-red and blurry and instagram, but it was taken with heart and that’s what matters to me.

Hopefully tomorrow though, I will spend a little more time on my image. 🙂