I see you.

by brittanychavez

This is a series I did for a final project. The text comes from a little book I wrote when I was 6. These are the things I wrote when I was 6. I found them when I went home over Christmas break and for weeks afterward ‘See me! Do you see me?’ rang in my head. I don’t think I’m done with these words, nor do I think I ever will be. I felt this huge sense of validation when I read them. Like I finally accepted that all of these questions I ask myself are real. That I’m not just consumed with them because I’m in art school, and around conceptual thinking 24/7. That I’m not contrived. That these questions and demands and statements are pure and basic. I am myself you are yourself. I am not myself you are not yourself. 
I wrote my artist statement at 6, and the older I grow the more I butcher it with my wise words.
(I’m not sure what’s up with the last photo, it looks a little weird and pixely. I’m going to try to fix it but until now, know that it’s supposed to be smoother.)