Summer notebook

by brittanychavez

Here’s a little notebook to hold the things my head forgets.


Dates and times. Of things I’m doing.

Which includes…

An internship with Newspace Center for Photography, in SE Portland.
An internship with Danner Boots.
Making the commissioned piece that will be auctioned off at Art on the Vine.
Shooting the artwork of others.
Apartment hunting with Steele!

It’s a summer which is already twisting my stomach. In good ways, mostly, but I feel like this is the summer that I prove myself. Prove myself, to myself, mostly. It’s my last summer before graduation and in that way it’s free and happy and sunny, the last summer. But it will be completely opposite from last summer. I will have things to do. People to be with. Steele here with me. Time spent completely inside my head, and alone, will be sparse.

I am incredibly excited for everything I’m doing. I feel like I am almost to the top of a mountain.