The first day of summer

by brittanychavez

Today was the first day of summer. I woke up with Steele and we laid in bed and watched TV and stretched and ate cereal in bed. Then we got up and went on a short bike ride, and picked up my newly resoled boots, which was very nice. I’m happy to have my boots back. 
The we went to a meeting for an internship we’re both doing for Danner boots. I’m pretty excited about it. We’re working with two other people from school, and it’s gonna be really fun and a really good experience. And it’s nice to do something creative that I would never normally do, to push myself. And it’s paid. 🙂
The we rode bikes more and got coffee and sad outside and talked about out to-do lists in the sun. It was so filled with air and happy feelings. And we rode our bikes back, the sun was setting and my shirt was fluttering and it was so so nice. And when we got back we sat in the yard and drew little pictures until the air turned colder and we came inside. 
Now we’re about to get ready to go bowling with friends which will be filled with equal amounts of happiness. 
It was a good first day.