Rainbow ring

by brittanychavez

Yesterday I went on a two mile run in my new Nike’s. There’s nothing poetic about those Nike’s. They’re bright blue. Running shoes. Meant to take impact. If you were here sitting next to me, I would turn to you and say, “This isn’t poetry.”

But wait–there is something poetic about those shoes slapping the ground. Something poetic about shoes designed to spring you back up from the ground and propel you forward with each stride. It was dusk, the moon was rising with a rainbow ring around it. The sky was fading blue, the clouds were still bright from the sunset. And the track empty. Slap. Slap. Slap. The rhythm of running. My clutched inhale. My choked exhale. I’m not really a runner, yet.

The image is of AJ, who inspired the running in the first place. It was shot with a lens Nick handmade.