My little heart

by brittanychavez

With every passing day of finals, I feel like I’m clutching my hands to my chest and holding all my words inside. There are so many good things happening in my life, so many things, a few bad things, and they are all quiet here. I must make it through this day, tomorrow, the next day, the next minute. After. After. Afterwards, I can rest my hands on the keyboard, hesitate for a second, and then let it all come tumbling out.

I have tried a few times to make a list of things happening in my life but every time I do it feels wrong, and the last thing I want this place to feel is wrong. I have a lot of thoughts. Maybe lately I have had a lot of people. And when I have a lot of people my thoughts get heard by real ears and not the virtual ears of my blog, with it’s 26 followers and 0 comments. I have been spending more time with good people and that, right now, is the warmest part of my little heart.