by brittanychavez

Sleep. Before bed. Just the orb light turned on. Decided to take this photo to send to Steele since we weren’t spending the night together.

Sunrise. My alarm went off at 7:45 and every time I got up to snooze it I would run to the window and check on the sunrise. At this point the sun coming through the window was so beautiful I deliriously had to capture it somehow.

Powells. My punch card had 12 punches, so I got a free chai tea latte before catching the bus up to school.

Glass-Plate. A glass plate positive straight from the fixer. Has little bubbles that look like scattered stars.

Keys. I got to drive Ali’s car and holding keys in my hand makes me feel so put together. Like I know what I’m doing.

Pretzels. Fuel for 7.5 hour shift at the front desk. And a water jar.

Skylight. One of the reasons I love these old buildings.

Sunset. The light coming through the stained glass in the computer lab. So beautiful and striking. A scramble to capture this, too.