by brittanychavez

The viewfinder is open. The light on the ground glass shows my face reflected in my bathroom mirror, the braids wrapped around my head fuzzy with a nights sleep. When I look into the ground glass, my lashes are shadowed down. It is impossible to look into my own eyes this way. I know when I look into the lens reflected into the mirror I am looking directly into the viewer’s eyes. So I look at my own reflection and snap the shutter open with a click. The film winds with a lagging click. Another snap. Another wind. I close the viewfinder. For the moment, I am done looking into a mirror.

(This was written in response to taking the photo above. There are three photos from this little session and I think they are some of my favorite photographs that I’ve taken. They mean a lot to me. You will be seeing more of them, they belong in many different variations, together and apart. For now have this and the promise of seeing more later.)