by brittanychavez

Well, here’s something. I just read this post by Kristen Cashore (the author of some seriously cool books) about blogging and the lines we draw as bloggers (though I feel slightly traitorous calling myself a blogger in light of the amazing blogs I read) between our public lives and private lives.

What are the lines I draw? It’s strange because I feel like my blog is full of thoughts and musings and insecurities which I don’t show in my public life as often. And the things I don’t show in my blog are the more normal day to day things, like what food was I really craving, and when do I need to go to bed, and what TV show I’m currently obsessed with. The people who get to know my in real life vs. through my blog, know me as a slightly (completely?) different person, but I wonder if I come off more shallow in real life? What I post here… are the things I’m most interested in keeping around. I don’t really care if in 10 or 20 years I will care about a mini marathon of 2 Broke Girls that played on my computer. I will likely care a lot more about the insecurities and small joys and moments I had during this time. Actually, I guess that’s what I care about more now, but it’s easy to get sucked into a world filled with commercialism, where my goals everyday lean toward fulfilling a random snack craving and watching the newest episode of Glee.

It’s hard. Being aware of the world I live in (the small little world) makes me also dislike a lot about it. But I am a part of it, have always been, and always will be, and will never really know what it’s like to function without TV or computers or credit cards, or infinite fresh water on tap. So now I just have to live in this world and do the best I can between balancing it. Balancing accepting that this is my life and that I do like it, but also realizing that there are so many cultures out there that I don’t know about and have every bit of light and happiness that mine does.

And now this post seems messy and trailing. But I will post it. As it’s what is in my head.