by brittanychavez

(35mm, my window.)

No prose here. No sir.

Well lets see, this might go on a bit of a rambling spree.

1. Spring is here early! For a few days, at least. It has been really sunny and lovely and mm. Aside from the wind. But it’s easy to ignore that from inside a window 😉 It’s insane how much my mood is improved just from a few rays of light. Light light light, always my favorite this.

2. I had a photo and story accepted to a new literary journal called Analogy that I have been working on with a few other people (And a few professors, oh yeah.) from school. The jurying was blind, so the fact that I letterpress printed 250 postcards (With the lovely Erin) had nothing to do with this acceptance. It has been fun and new to learn how these things are made. We’re still raising money so any donations you wanna give will be put to good use.

3. Classes are going. THINGS ARE HAPPENING. The rundown this term is: Photography (still Alternative Processes), Lithography, Text & Image, Nature & Culture, and Writing for Artists.

4. I am planning a tiny trip to visit Crrr weekend after next! My photography project is due the day after I would get back which means I need to have all of the work done for it before I leave, which gives me roughly two weeks to do it. Ahh! But, I really want to see Crrr’s place of living and being, and so it will be worth it I think.

5. BLUEBERRIES. A package a day. Or more. They’re good for you. Apparently.

6. Just submitted a photo to the Nude show I was accepted to last year. We’ll see how that goes on February 8th, which is when I’ll get the e-mail about it.

Oh, also, whoever comments this post will get a handwritten letter. Current pen pals not applicable. (If you want to become a new pen pal, e-mail me. I’m a good one. Promise.)