Today was a very nice day,

by brittanychavez

and I don’t have any photographs from it. So here are some photographs I didn’t take:

Ruth carving a woodblock by the window with a warm blanket on her lap and sippers on her feet.

Boxes and boxes of apples at the farmers market. (And my choices in my hands, a honey crisp, an ambrosia, and a winesap)

Warm Molly at the table with a crumby plate.

My room midday with the curtain pulled open. (It’s strange how coming home in the middle of the day, a time when you normally wouldn’t be there, is so striking.)

Matthew walking across the parking lot with the sun at his back.

Brambles and trees with ivy and my little man-cleared meadow, from atop a pile of rocks.

The sun catching a branch hung with moss.

Kai and Alexa standing in the light-filled library.

The wide sky with paper thin clouds spread on it.