In which I become nonsensical

by brittanychavez

Hey, I could make a post of things that I have been doing and it would make it sound like my life is moving along and I could, yes, do that. Yes. But I won’t because all week I’ve been… teetering, or something, and now I find that I’m in the valley. In a great big scoop and it was so gradual that all it took was sitting at a desk for 6 hours to know that somewhere along the week I had started walking on a decline and now here I am, the bottom of the scoop.

Well here’s the thing about scoops.

About scoops of land, and emotional states, that is.

They can be flat for a while. They might even get deeper. (This might even get deeper.)

Or they can be flat for a while and then go up, and they go up so gradually (because they’re scoops) that you don’t even notice and then all the sudden you’re at the top, looking down at that gigantic hill you just climbed. So, what I’m saying, is that it will most likely only get slightly lower after this moment.

Why is it raining for 10 days straight? Did you know, that there is 100% chance of rain tomorrow? Yes there is. Also, the sky will be grey. 100%