Pinhole light

by brittanychavez

I want to take photographs of peoples bedroom windows. The pinhole camera that I made, perhaps all of them, has a really beautiful way of capturing light. It blows the light out, but with pinhole photography the conventional “rules” go out the window and you enter this dreamy foggy world.

Personally I am in love with light and love waking up in a bedroom full of light. I don’t know how other people feel about it but I’d like to know… which is why I want to photograph peoples bedroom windows. I’d also like to ideally have them write/say a small something about the light in their room. Maybe that hate it and it’s annoying. Or maybe it’s really really hot. Or maybe they think it’s really beautiful. I’d like to know that too. And then I want to display the photographs with the text as a part of it.

And now, you know my entire thought process on this.
Get in touch with me if you’re interested in having your bedroom photographed, live in Portland, and are down for a pinhole camera being in your room for about an hour!