From my typewriter: July 14, 2011

by brittanychavez

Dear Harry,

Tonight I will go and watch the final piece of your story. It is really already over, but after tonight there is no more pretending.

I feel as if this is a dividing line through my life. For however much had changed in my own life these past 10 years, you have been a common thread. Something that tied me together. The same girl who read you story today also read it during the summer of 2007, and for this I have always been able to connect these two people who in other ways are very far away from each other.

Now what will happen? From tomorrow onward there is one thing that will be in my past, and that is you: Harry Potter. This scares me somehow, as if by leaving you, you will cease to exist.

I could not honestly say what you have given me. It’s too close to home for that, I can’t see it objectively. Perhaps it is something about knowing your place in the world. Knowing who you are and what you have to do. Accepting death and dealing with loss and grief and sadness. And still being able to love.

So tonight I will go and watch this film. But I will also be going to a funeral, and it will also be a new start, a life across this new dividing line. I will be in mourning, I will be filled with joy and love.

I will be carrying a little fictional world inside of me. And that world is yours.