Graduation, umbilical cords, and the like.

by brittanychavez

Going to graduation after you’ve graduated is a weird experience. You sit outside this little bubble full of people who are all connected but you are only connected to one or two of them. Even stranger is the fact that I no longer have any connection to a school I once spent almost every day inside of. The umbilical cord has been severed. I am out in the word and my circle of daily interactions has shrunk from my graduating class to a much much smaller bubble. I have left Conifer behind but feel as if time is standing still, like I left everything on pause and if I go back inside I will see the same people all around.

But mostly, I am happy. For my brother and Crrr, and for their severed umbilical cords. I thought, going into the ceremony, that I would cry. But the truth is that I only teared up at the thought of them graduating, and not when they actually did. The moment was too full of cheering, and smiling, and scrambling around to get a photograph.