Some photographs with a Mamiya C 220

by brittanychavez

Hi everyone! I shot my final photo project with one of the schools Mamiya C 220s, which is a medium format twin lens reflex camera. These are just some images from my first black and white test roll.

But I also bought a Mamiya C 330 for my very own. It was a completely spur of the moment decision, spurred initially by the desire for the lens that came on the body, which is the only Mamiya lens with a timer option. But I think it was a good decision and I think I’ll use it a lot.

I’ve been shooting a lot of film lately, and it’s so relaxing, getting back into the experience of it. I’m getting another roll of color Holga back tomorrow and I have two 35 mm rolls to develop so hopefully those have some good images on ’em.

Enjoy the photos…

*The images of me, Steele helped me take by pressing the shutter button. Thanks Steele!
**The first image is of my typewriter 🙂