September 28, 2010

by brittanychavez

An entry from my journal dated September 28, 2010:

Here is something I’ve been thinking of. I do feel quite lacking because I don’t know much about other countries, their cultures or traditions. I feel so isolated. But then I think, maybe that’s how they feel? They’re isolated in their culture, they know nothing of mine. So maybe I shouldn’t expect myself to know all too much about theirs.

I shared this with my friend Justin and he told me this: You’re just a single person. It’s okay to feel insignificant. Take comfort in knowing that international awareness is greatly higher due to globalization than it ever has been…collectively, everything is experienced.

I like that. It’s okay to feel insignificant. And I do, so often. I feel like the smallest speck of dust within a very small world inside a huge universe. There are so many things that I will never get to see or experience. And most of the time, the truth is that I’m not thinking about those things at all. I’m so consumed in my own monotonous life. I’m thinking so within my box that I don’t even realize how much I will miss out on throughout my lifetime. It’s an odd thought. I feel like I am going to have to accept that fact that my life will always feel ordinary. Perhaps no matter how much I experience.