A factual list of facts

by brittanychavez

10 things which have happened to me since August 10
1. I am back in Portland, OR.
2. I am living in an apartment in a city for the first time in my life.
3. I am becoming acquainted with the fact that I have no one to account for me and thus can spend copious amounts browsing books which I have no intention of buying.
4. My mother had to borrow money from me. (Granted, it was money she gave me, but shhh I’m making myself feel grown up.)
5. I have a new favorite song. (“Be OK” by Ingrid Michaelson, and no the fact that this will probably be my favorite song for the next 3-5 years doesn’t matter.)
6. I did something which I regret: that is, I bought the generic version of Velveeta.
7. I used my 24mm lens for the first time.
8. I aided Steele in the very important process of naming a plant.
9. This one’s important: I made a mattress pile. (6 assorted mattresses and box-springs piled on top each other.)
10. This big horrible emotion has become a daily presence in my life. And that is that I miss Crrr, very much.