Ann without an E

by brittanychavez

Well here I sit with this blank box again. I have written about the hardest time of my (short, un-lived) life, and now I want to write about something good.

I have been best friends with Carly Cleghorn since my Junior year in high school. I was sixteen, she was fourteen. She, at one point, was dating my brother. That’s how we met. I will call her Crrr from here on out.

Being with Crrr is like being with myself but more silly. She is old enough that our age gap doesn’t matter, but young enough so that we are not usually going through the same life experiences. Which is mostly a blessing because she can give me objective advice. If there were commitment as great as marriage for friendship, I would partake in it with Crrr. I am as certain about our friendship as I have ever been about any good decision in my life. Which is to say, 100% certain.

If this summer with Steele was a stormy raincloud, here is the silver lining: Crrr. This summer is the closest I have ever been with Crrr. I don’t know where I would be without her or what I would have done. She’s listened to me complain, cry, obsess. She’s offered advice and agreement. She cares about my happiness but she also knows what’s right and what’s wrong. She has at times, been a better friend than I have to her, and I’m very grateful.

We have had so many good moments this summer. I think that the good parts with Crrr far outweigh an bad parts with Steele, at least in my memory. This is a summer of Crrr and my heart literally wrenches at the though of not having her with me this coming year. But she is worth being a long distance friend.