After the Storm

by brittanychavez

Well it’s been two days since classes ended. As much as I don’t want to, I feel like I should post a blog about it. Probably very predictable. Here are some phrases you would be bound to read:

“I learned so much.”
“I really grew as an artist.”
“It was so much harder than I thought.” (This isn’t really true either, I fully expected this level of hard-ness.)
“I barely had time to sleep.”
“But I had a lot of fun.”
“I made so many friends.” (Sadly, this is untrue for me, as I am nearly incapable at making friends. But I did make a few good ones.)

So. There you have it.

Since classes have gotten out I haven’t done much. Slept. Slept. Finally got a chance to take some photos. Steele and I packed a little bit today. (More like, went through our portfolios and throwing out useless art.) Tomorrow we’re going to go to Powell’s so I can get some summer books! =)

Here’s a self-portrait I took on Saturday.