Day 30, Whatever tickles my fancy

by brittanychavez

I’ve always wanted to do one of those “What’s in your bag?” photo shoots. I’ve held out thus far because what’s in my bag isn’t too interesting or pretty, but whatever. It’s my blog. So, here goes:


My bag, a pretty nondescript messenger bag:

I always keep this small purse inside my big bag, so I can just grab it and go on the weekends or whenever I don’t need a hulking messenger bag:

And what’s inside it. A note to Carly, a shutter speed cheat sheet from my favorite photo supply store, a sharpie, my wallet, and an old grocery list:

Back to the big bag. (From left to right) My planner, where I write all my to-do lists. (One page for every glorious day.) My journal, which Crrr bought me for graduation. My journal TO Crrr, which I will give her when I get back:

My Art History syllabus and notebook, and my Modernism paper (Which I got an A- on, in case you don’t remember):

Three extra prints from the photo portfolio exchange:

All the supplies I need to do my Drawing series project (all my papers, tracing paper, photographs I’m using, white gloves so I don’t get fingerprints everywhere (the ink won’t take to places where I’ve touched,) water colors, and paintbrushes.):

Pens, pencils, a glue stick (always handy) and a spoon (I usually have one or five of these in my bag.):

Lipgloss which I haven’t used in ages, floss, Cortizone for the never ending rash on my pinky, and a panty liner:

And lastly, my keys (pretty useless since I can’t drive Steele’s car and our house is always unlocked. I pretty much have them just for show and to unlock my photo locker) and my cell phone. (Which is dead right now and probably 50% of the time) These are sometimes in my bag and sometimes in my small purse:

There you have it. I’m done with this project! Yay. Only 7 days until I am out of school. Never to be a college freshmen again.