Day 29, Hopes, plans, and dreams for the next 365 days

by brittanychavez

Before I start, let me just say one thing. I don’t like talking about the future. Especially right now, I’m at a point in my life where I need to NOT think more than a few weeks ahead. (Mentally, at least. Logically I need to plan out every single part of the next 365 days.)

So I’ll start with something easy. A plan that it is in the makin’. Steele and I get out of school on May 7. We leave Portland in May 15. We’ll drive out towards the coast, then head down the 101 to San Francisco, then keep going down and over to the Grand Canyon. Then we’ll head up to Colorado. Yay! I’m very excited for our not-very-well-planned-out trip. There’s just something so nice about driving away away away from something.

I can’t really see past the summer. Realistically, at least. When I think about next year it’s all in that sort of imagining your life type way. Like, I’ll live in a great apartment, have a sweet job, and be totally on top of all my school work. Realistically, I know none of that is really going to be completely true. (Except hopefully the school work part…) But that is what I DREAM. What I hope is that I’ll be satisfied with all my classes. This year was great, but some stuff was completely pointless to the furthering of my education. I hope next year is just filled with a lot of stuff that I’ll really use again and again and again. I know I NEED to have a job next year, (though as with every need which one doesn’t want to deal with, I have that yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach) but I hope that I’ll be able to find one that causes me at least only relative distress. This requires: A. No waitressing, B. Not having to deal with people, and C. Hours which do not take over my entire life. All of which is of course, impossible. Anyway.

I have so many ideas… stuff for photo, things I want to do. But not stuff I can put into words. I just want to improve, dammit.

Perhaps by next year we will all be wearing space suits. Or maybe but April 30, 2011, the world will have ended due to some weird sciencey thing.

I’m sorry. I’m not taking this blog very seriously. It just pains me to think about the future. I’m trying to NOT think about it. About how the hell I am going to pay rent, where I am going to live, how much all my supplies are going to cost, if I’m going to be happy, etc. That’s all the stuff I’m trying to not think about right now.

Okay this blog sucks. I will just do what I do best, make a list.

Ten things I would like to do or accomplish by April 30, 2011

1. Get a job.
2. Make a book! (This is inevitable, seeing as how I am taking book arts.)
3. Keep my (theoretically very nice) apartment clean for an entire month.
4. Maintain my 3.8 GPA. (Code for: do my damn homework.)
5. Be more social. (Make more friends, hang out with the ones I do have more often.)
6. Learn how to do my taxes.
7. Spend LESS time on the computer, and more time making the things I see on the computer.
8. Keep all my snacks in mason jars. (I don’t know why, but this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, haha.)
9. Build a fort. (Yaaaaay!)
10. I don’t know, just be okay with things.