Day 26, My week, in great detail

by brittanychavez

Exactly a week ago it was Monday, the 19th. I was sitting at the front desk at 11:45, just like I am right now. I was working on my 8-10 page Modernism paper. I probably went home and collapsed into bed. I don’t get off until 12:30, which means I don’t get to bed until at least 1.

On Tuesday I would have woken up at 7:30 (or 7:40, or 7:50) to get to Design at 8. In design we had to give an oral proposal of our idea for the body extension project. (I proposed to make very long glasses with multiple lenses.) We we all in a circle, around a table, and I kept falling asleep. (In a very bright classroom, mind you!) Which was pretty embarrassing. At 11:30, I had Photo. I developed some images. One came out fine. The other came out too dark, but I like it. It’s probably not okay to print it, but I might anyways. Just to spite the man. (Or something.) I take some photos of ink moving in water. I’m off to Art History. I don’t fall asleep. I got back home after, and put together a video with the images I took until 9:30, when I have to work again. And again, I work on my Modernism paper. I almost finish. But I don’t. Sometime in this day, I write in my journal: My thoughts don’t make much sense sometimes, but if I don’t write them down I forget them entirely and there’s something sad about not knowing what’s in your own head.

Wednesday I have drawing, a work day for our series project. I get frustrated because mine isn’t going the way I want, and I spend a lot of the class moping around. I guess I should write more of my thoughts down, because I don’t remember too much from this day. I edit my Modernism paper. Blah-blah-blah.

Thursday I get up for design, go, have nothing to do, and leave at 10. (which is early) I promptly go back to sleep until 11:20, just in time for photo. I must have done something in photo, why can’t I remember? Did I develop film? If I did, I can’t remember shooting more images. Hmmph. Okay, anyways. AH, blah blah blah. After AH, and after Steele leaves for Design, I pump myself up to shoot the next (and last) ensnare shoot. Which I do. It goes fine and I am pleased. I edit the photo, post it, and feel accomplished. Then I do the bibliography for my Modernism paper. (Can you see a trend here, with the Modernism paper?) I am supposed to also write a small essay, which I don’t, which will be the death of me.

Friday I turn in my Modernism paper!!! Yay! Steele goes golfing with Beth afterwords (boring) and I hang out with Ali. We go to a really yummy cafe, where she sketches some people and I contemplate starting a 100 Strangers Project. (But I am scared, and don’t know if I can do it.) We go shopping at some thrift stores and I buy nothing, and she buys overalls. Then we go to the Dollar Tree (Hooray!) where I buy 6 pairs of glasses for my Design project. Joy. Ali’s mom makes us dinner and we watch a movie, and I go to bed, where I have a vivid zombie dream featuring my Aunt Koko and all her kids. (Not as zombies, they all kick ass at zombie fighting.)

Saturday I lay in bed with Steele watching TV. House, Lost, Project Runway. We go out to Home Depot to get even more Design supplies, and buy groceries. We come home and make yummy sandwiches. Then I have to work at 5. I go to work, bored out of my mind now that I don’t have to write my Modernism paper.

Sunday you know all about if you read my last blog. But I did forget to say that I took a nice long shower.

AND today, I have been to drawing, where my project has turned around for the better. I went to Modernism, and found out I got an A- on my paper! Woooo. I’ve been reading some fanfiction, and a book I posted about earlier, Sloppy Firsts. I developed the film I shot yesterday, and it came out fine except for the only image I like, I accidentally scratched. Boo. I flatten all my prints for the exchange. Mm. Steele and I go to Starbucks,I help him with his design project. Now I am here. Listening to ‘Sweet Surrender’ and typing this up when I should have been re-writing an AH paper I need to raise the grade on.