Day 25, My day, in great detail

by brittanychavez

The alarm clock goes off at 8 am. Steele snoozes it and I wake up again at 9, and promptly go back to sleep. I wake up again at 10. (the time I am supposed to be leaving the house for the photo studio.) I get up, get dressed in one of Crrr’s tops, and leave Steele sleeping in the bedroom. I get a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, only to find that it was been invaded by ants. Boo. 😦 I read a few chapters of a fanfiction, despite the fact that I’m already late for my photo work.

I go back in the bedroom to tell Steele I’m leaving. He’s still asleep. But he’s nice and warm and snuggly so I kiss him on the head and wake him up. Then I finally leave. Wednesday the 28th is the Photography Department Print Exchange, and I have to make an 18 print edition in order to participate. (I will be getting prints in return) I decided to print a negative from my portrait assignment (Which I realize none of you have seen, I’m working on that…) Here’s how printing and edition works: I set up my enlarger, etc. etc. I make a few (four, to be exact) test strips to determine my exposure time. (For future reference: 12 seconds, at f11 with a number 4 filter.) I make a test print to assure that all is in order. I develop it, stop it, fix it, and dry it make sure it looks gooooood. It does. All of this takes over an hour, blech. Now I have to expose 18 sheets of paper with that same exposure, and develop them all, stop them all, fix them all, hypo-clear them all, and wash them all. Whew. I expose 9 at a time, develop 3 at a time, and once those 3 are in the fix I start with the next 3. Processing all these takes a good 3 hours. Somewhere in that three hours I have a mini fantasy/daymare that I am in the darkroom printing while all the while a ZOMBIE is on the loose around the campus. Ahhh. I look around the darkroom to see if there’s any weapons. Nada. I come to the conclusion that I’ll have to stab the zombie with a pen until it dies. I accept that I’ll be the “hot interesting photo girl” in the story who dies within 10 minutes of the intro.

While my prints are in the wash I hang out in the computer lab, reading more fanfiction. I also bring up a Modernism reading, so that when people walk by I can quickly act like I am NOT on a site with a pink background, which boasts the title “Granger Enchanted” At 3:15 or so, I pull all my prints from the wash and put ’em on the drying racks…to dry. I head home ready to see a masterful drawing from Steele. I walk in the door… to discover he has accomplished mere inches on his drawing. He is at his computer, watching some sports thingy with has really obnoxious commentators. Bah. It’s 4:30. He is in desperate need of art supplies and has to run out real quick before Art Media closes at 5. While he’s gone I make myself a bowl of ramen noodles and read more fanfiction. When he gets back, after he eats, we leave to go shoot some film for my new photo assignment. (Landscape.) I am shooting parking lots. We get to the stop of a spectacularly empty parking garage, only to be kicked out by a measly security guard. Grrr. We drive to the mall, shoot a couple of frames, and I get depressed because my project isn’t going so well. But I guess that’s what I get for decided to photograph empty lots of pavement.

We drive downtown to another mall, but find nothing worthwhile. On the way back we stop at a small parking lot and I shoot off one more frame. Such success, I have shot 3 sheets of film.

But the time we get back it’s past 7. I open up the cabinets and decide to make some strawberry Jello. Yum. After that, Steele and I open up our computers and read the handout for Modernism. We debate on what to do next: Go up to the studio and work on drawing or go up to the photo studio and shoot some photos for one of Steele’s paintings. We end up in the bedroom, talking about completely random stuff which is nice because it feels like we haven’t really talked like that in forever, even though we live together. I feel guilty for not working on drawing, by not guilty enough. Steele gets up to go to the bathroom, and I realize I have yet to write this blog. “I have to write my blog!” I shout, and I get up to walk to the living room and open up my computer. And here I am, typing up way too much. Steele is next to me, singing me some songs. (Tilly and the Wall to be specific)

It’s 11:56 pm. And now it’s time for bed, for I have to get up for an 8 am class tomorrow. 🙂