Day 13, A finctional book

by brittanychavez

Okay, so technically this is a series, but whatever. When I started reading these, I was in eighth grade. Jessica Darling, the main character, was slightly older than me, but close enough that I could relate. When I started them they were in the young adult section at the bookstore, and by the end they were in the adult section, as Jessica had grown up and her activities grown a little inappropriate for young adults, hehe. They’re light to read, they’re serious sometimes, but in a teenage way (which is to say, maybe not so much.) Plus, Jessica Darling is pretty damn witty. As I read on a review blog: “Read these. They are good, light, fun reads but they have real guts, real heart. I don’t know what else to say. Don’t be a book snob. Read them.”