Day 3, My favorite television program

by brittanychavez

It was a hard choice. When I watch TV, I don’t aimlessly flip through the channels. But I do watch a few shows, mostly online because I don’t get that many channels (or good reception) where I’m living. The two big ones are House and Lost.

I’m choosing Lost for this blog. I think I feel a little more fond of it because I’ve been watching it since the Pilot episode, when I was in 8th grade. There are a lot of plot lines, some of them which seem to have been forgotten about, and there’s a lot of weird stuff, but there’s also some really great characters, and everything ties in together. I like it because of the character development mostly. The time jumps are interesting. (Although now they’re more like sideways jumps.) I mean really, it’s just addictive. Which is what TV is meant to be.

(As you can see, I like Sawyer. He’s the perfect mix of complicated, serious, tender, and sarcastic.)