The start to a kitchen full of cups

by brittanychavez

Yesterday was the opening night of OCAC’s annual student holiday sale. Basically a bunch of students and alumni selling whatever artwork they feel is desirable. Steele and I picked up this little cup, from a former thesis students body of work:

I am basically in love with it. Isn’t it just the cutest? Only $8. Such a steal. (Hah.. ha.) And the glaze makes it translucent, when it’s held against light. Mmm. I hope I have this cup when I am old. But mostly I like it because it’s the first thing Steele and I have bought together that will one day sit in our kitchen. We bought it as a family ❤ I've also purchased a kitchen item, but I'm keeping it a surprise from Steele until Christmas! (Which really isn't that far away..)