by brittanychavez

Hey! This is my first print from Photo 1. And before I start off talking about it, I really really recommend you view it on black. So go do that real quick and come back!

This was taken at this fountain called the Ira Keller fountain, in Portland. (Somewhere around 2nd or 3rd, I’m not sure.) I snapped this off on the first role I film I shot, for ‘The City’ project we’re doing. Honestly I’m quite pleased with it, but more importantly I’m pleased that printing is still semi-natural to me. I’m not an expert, at all, but I still feel at ease in a darkroom, which is good. Considering I’m majoring in photo, haha. This was printed at f5.6 for 15 seconds, with a number 3 filter.

I’m definitely planning on going back to the fountain to shoot more film there. It’s so interesting because I don’t relate a city to this kind of picture at all. When I think city, I think dirty and grimy, and grungy, but this isn’t that. It’s just this nice breath of fresh air, surrounded by dozens of tall buildings. So, hopefully more of this will be showing up. 🙂