I should have been an Accountant

by brittanychavez

I just finished my first week of classes. So far everything is going pretty good. I can tell most of my classes are going to be challenging though, even if it’s just the sheer amount of work we get. I’ve drawn more this week than I have in a month at Conifer. So, without further ado, here is some of the stuff I’ve been doing…

This is from my sketchbook. To see what (and who) inspired it, go here.)

This is my first photogram. =D

This was my first assignment for design class. The assignment was to run a pen out of ink. In the top right corner is says ‘I once tried to use a scribble for a metaphor. It didn’t work, I wrote a list of facts instead.’

These two are also from design class, pieces of my signature which I have to enlarge.