by brittanychavez

So Steele and I have made it to Portland. We have actually been here for three days, but things have been busy with us going out and unpacking our room. The weather here has been so gorgeous, today it was a bit cloudy in the morning but it cleared up.

It is so weird living so close to everything we need. Normally a trip to the grocery store is about 20 minutes, one way. But here it’s about 2 minutes away. It’s insane. And convenient. But also kind of overwhelming. There’s so many choices for everything! I don’t feel very out of place yet, but I’m sure that’s going to change once I actually start school in 11 days. We start orientation on Monday which means we’ll be meeting a lot of new people. Which is bad news for me, good news for Steele. It’s frustrating that when I was finally comfortable with the setting and people at Conifer I had to leave, because I know it’ll be the same here. That I won’t be completely comfortable until I’m graduating. But, anyways, today I shot a roll of film and am getting it developed tomorrow. I will post some picture when I get it back 🙂