50mm Lens

by brittanychavez

So, this picture actually has quite a story. I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a really lackluster day, since I had nothing to do. But then I found a slip on the counter from the post office, telling me I had a package. In the package.. a 50mm lens! Hooray! My mom bought it for me for my birthday. So I got dressed and grabbed my keys and my wallet and left. Without my phone, because it was dead. When I got to the post office I rolled up my window and locked the car, and right when I was closing the door I realized I had left my keys in the car. Of course. And I didn’t have my phone. Of course. I luckily had a bunch of change and went to a pay phone to call Steele and my dad, but Steele was working and my dad didn’t answer his phone. So I started to walk to my house. It’s about a 6 mile walk, but all downhill. However, about 20 minutes into my walking a really nice lady pulled over and offered me a ride. =) Thank god for nice people. And thank god I have a spare key…

So.. was it all worth it for the lens? And the picture? I think yes. It probably would have been worth it even if I had had to walk the whole way. Although the quality of the picture is really a lot better if you look at it on Flickr… And regarding the flower in the cup: They say orange is the color of change. =)